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Denniston Spinal Cord Surgery

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Dave Denniston, a former NCAA Champion from Auburn University and USA National Swim Team member is still recovering and healing from a tragic snow sledding accident on February 6th, 2005, that left him paralyzed from the waist down after suffering a spinal cord injury.

“Spinal fluid flow has been restored quicker than expected. Other than that, it has been hell having to lay on my side and not sit up for 72 hours,” said Dave Denniston from his hospital bed via cell phone. He is currently plagued by intense headaches that are temporary due to the loss of spinal fluid which over time will be replenished.

Scar tissue trapped the flow of spinal fluid which pooled in a cavity called the syrinx. By removing the scar tissue the flow was restored and any buildup of fluid in the syrnix will now drain naturally.

Denniston will remain in the hospital throughout the weekend. He says he can feel more sensation in his lower body and his hips which is the best case scenario to be expected after surgery.