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Rat Poison found in Recalled Pet Food

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Rat poison has been found in the recalled pet food that is responsible for the deaths of 17 cats and dogs. However, the mystery is, scientist said on Friday, they don’t know how the poison got there and they are predicting more pet deaths.

After the announcement, Menu Foods expanded their recall to include all 95 brands of the “cuts and gravy” style pet food, from every location it was produced. The company said they will take responsibility for veterinary expenses that are incurred by pet owners as a result of the tainted pet food.

The toxin found in the contaminated pet food is aminopterin, a cancer drug once used to induce abortions in the United States and still used in other countries to kill rats. The federal government prohibits the use of aminopterin for killing rodents in the United States. Officials would not speculate as to how the poison got into the pet food to begin with. At this time there are no criminal investigations.