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Lenovo ThinkPad Batteries Recalled

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Lenovo is recalling their lithium-ion extended life batteries that are used in their ThinkPad notebook computer due to a potential fire hazard. Approximately 100,000 battery packs were sold across the United States and an additional 105,000 worldwide.

If the battery is knocked forcefully to the corner, such as a fall to the floor, the battery packcan overheat and cause a fire hazard to consumers. This is not an internal batter defect.

To date Lenovo has received four reports of the batteries overheating and causing damage to the notebook. This in turn caused damage to the computer, property damage and in one case, minor eye irritation to one of the consumers.

Consumers should contact Lenovo immediately and stop using the recalled battery. Lenovo is giving consumers free replacement batteries. Consumers should use on the the batteries obtained from Lenovo or an authorize reseller.

Consumer Contact: Customers should contact Lenovo at (800) 426-7378 anytime, or log on to www.lenovo.com/batteryprogram to determine if the battery is part of the recall and to order a replacement battery.